Release - New Poll: Swing State Republicans Back U.S. Troop Pullout from Middle East
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New Poll: Swing State Republicans Back
U.S. Troop Pullout from Middle East

BringOurTroopsHome.US calls on President Trump to Bring
Troops Home to Assist with COVID-19 Response

BOISE, Idaho – A new poll by BringOurTroopsHome.US, a national group led by Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans, shows that supporters of President Trump in the key battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin strongly support bringing U.S. troops home from the Middle East. The Tarrance Group poll found majority – and often supermajority – support for pulling troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, as well as the recent Afghan peace deal and pursuing diplomacy instead of military conflict with Iran.

“America is facing unprecedented times,” said Sgt. Dan McKnight, an Afghanistan veteran and founder and chairman of BringOurTroopsHome.US. “Now more than ever, Americans need the assurance that our nation’s military might is available to protect citizens from the clear and present danger to our public health, safety, and economy posed by COVID-19. President Trump promised Americans when he ran for office that he would bring our troops home. The nation needs him to immediately follow through on that promise, now more than ever.”

Among the key findings of the poll are that pro-Trump voters in the “Blue Wall” swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin support President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria (86%), the recent U.S.-Taliban peace deal (59%), negotiation over military force with Iran (66%), preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons (74% say extremely important) and pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan (62%) and Iraq (58%).

The poll also found that more than one in three pro-Trump voters want the U.S. to be less engaged in military conflicts around the world, and a plurality believed in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was more likely than President Trump to involve U.S. troops in oveseas conflicts.

“In addition to being the right thing to do, these poll results make a clear electoral argument for President Trump to follow through on his campaign pledge to bring our troops home,” said McKnight. “President Trump can maintain the strong support of his base and address the immediate and growing COVID-19 threat by immediately pulling America out of its ‘endless wars’ in the Middle East and bringing our troops home to defend the homeland instead.”
Topline Results:

Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria?

Approve/strongly 52%
Approve/somewhat 34%
Disapprove/somewhat 7%
Disapprove/strongly 2%

Would you favor or oppose withdrawing and bringing home U.S. troops from Iraq?

Favor/strongly 27%
Favor/somewhat 31%
Oppose/somewhat 21%
Oppose/strongly 12%

Would you favor or oppose withdrawing and bringing home U.S. troops from Afghanistan?

Favor/strongly 33%
Favor/somewhat 29%
Oppose/somewhat 18%
Oppose/strongly 11%

Do you favor or oppose the new peace deal reached between the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Favor/strongly 23%
Favor/somewhat 36%
Oppose/somewhat 8%
Oppose/strongly 7%

Given the recent tensions with Iran, do you believe that the U.S. should primarily seek to resolve this crisis and deal with the threat through negotiation or military force?

Negotiation/strongly 46%
Negotiation 20%
Military force/strongly 20%
Military force 6%

Would you say that it is extremely important, very important, somewhat important, or not at all important that Iran be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon?

Extremely important 74%
Very important 20%
Somewhat important 5%
Not at all important 1%

Would you favor the U.S. military becoming more engaged or less engaged in military conflicts around the world, or remain at the currently level of engagement?

More engaged 9%
Less engaged 35%
Remain at current level 49%

As you were making your decision about which candidate to vote for in the election for President in 2016, which of the two candidates did you believe was more likely to involve U.S. troops in overseas military conflicts?

Donald Trump 35%
Hillary Clinton 45%

BringOurTroopsHome.US is dedicated to supporting President Trump’s efforts to end American involvement in endless wars in the Middle East and bringing our troops home. Further, we are committed to advocating for a change in U.S. foreign policy that does not automatically default to military intervention. And finally, we insist that the Constitution of the United States be respected and enforced, requiring a formal Declaration of War by Congress in the future — as mandated by Article I of the Constitution — before U.S. military forces may be legitimately deployed.

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