Urgent Letter to Congress:  RETURN CHENEY'S BLOOD MONEY
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Urgent Letter to Congress:  RETURN CHENEY'S BLOOD MONEY

 August 31, 2020

Dear Representative, 

           I wrote to you approximately a month ago urging you to immediately remove Representative Liz Cheney from the leadership role she currently holds in the House Republican Conference.  It is logical that many veterans of Washington, D.C. assumed that the letter was the end of it; that we have staked our position and that would be the end of it.  That is not who we are.

           Today we have launched video appeals to citizens in three Congressional districts urging them to ask the GOP candidate to return money donated by Cheney and to publicly declare that they will not vote for her for any leadership spot.  These initial districts are IL-13, IA-3 and PA-1.  There will be others.

           Representative Cheney has repeatedly attacked President Trump and his policies of ending the needless and endless wars.  She has advocated a set of policies that would leave U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan forever.  She opposes the President’s policies of requiring so-called NATO allies to pay their fair share of the burden of their defense.  And she worked to prevent President Trump from removing and redeploying troops from Germany.  In our view, all of these actions, taken as a whole, render her unfit to hold a leadership position of any kind in Congress.

           The American people could not be more clear, they want U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, out of the Middle East, and out of the business of being policeman to the world.  You can go to our website at www.BringOurTroopsHome.us to review numerous polls by a wide array of pollsters that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that America wants an immediate end to the Endless Wars.

           Go to our website or follow the links below to view the video appeals to the citizens of the three initial districts.  Our goal is to bring our troops home and end the insane policy of universal intervention in the affairs of other nations.  Liz Cheney, especially in a leadership position, is a significant barrier to these goals.  I urge you in the strongest possible terms to call on Cheney to resign her leadership position and to begin to establish a level of trust with American veterans and citizens by backing the President in removing all U.S. forces from the 19 year old Afghan War.  Once that is completed, we can move on to the other vital move in a non-interventionist foreign policy.

PA-01 Video (Brian Fitzpatrick)
IA-03 Video (David Young)
IL-13 Video (Rodney Davis)
The Polls

Again, we urge you to demand Ms. Cheney’s resignation from her leadership post in the Republican Conference, that all GOP candidates for Congress return any financial contributions from Ms. Cheney's Cowboy PAC, and absent her resignation, vote to remove and replace her with a Republican who will support President Trump in fulfilling the campaign pledge that the swing state study indicates may have won him the White House, and which poll after poll indicates might help keep it in Republican hands this fall.


Dan McKnight, Chairman and Founder
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